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SevenFriday Chief Daniel Niederer gives us the low-down on the unconventional brand’s ethos

Who wouldn't want seven Fridays in their work week? That was pretty much the philosophy behind the Swiss horological startup Sevenfriday. Founded in 2012 by Daniel Niederer, the brand made a name for itself by making unique, industrially themed timepieces using a Miyota movement for their 'squircle' shaped, bold timepieces that are more of a fashion statement than a horological one. We caught up with the man himself, as SevenFriday opened its first exclusive retain outlet in the country, in Mumbai.

How would you describe SevenFriday's design philosophy?

We were quite inspired by industrial shapes and designs and wanted something that look extremely cool but different.

How did the name for the brand come around?

Well, we were looking for names and someone said Sevenfriday and it just stuck. I mean at the end we'd all want more Fridays in our week. And SevenFridays on the wrist.

What do you think has worked for SevenFriday, across different markets?

I think it's the fact that we stay honest to ourselves. We go local, but the brand remains the same. We've always stuck to our original design values, which are bold and trendy.

What would you like to say to millennials who are weaning themselves off watches?

Well, I think the term is overused but I would say go with your gut feeling. At the end it's all about lifestyle and that's what we ultimately are - whether it's our sunglasses or our watches. So be original and be true to your style.

What are the big launches you're expecting this year?

Well some of our watches are evolutions and others are new. We have the 'T' series coming in September, that's probably the biggest thing for us right now.


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