Gucci’s New Grip Watches Are Inspired by Skaters of the 1970s

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Gucci introduces its new watch line, Grip, inspired by skaters of the late 1970s. The name of the collection references the way a rider’s sneakers stick to the grip tape on a skateboard.

Giving off clear vintage vibes, Gucci’s Grip watches feature three windows on the face, as three white rotary disks indicate the hours, minutes, and date. The font is then inspired by early digital watches of the ’70s.

Available for men and women, and in 38mm and 35mm sizes, the watches come in steel and PVD versions, as well as with leather straps. You will also be able to customize your timepiece with interchangeable straps available in Gucci boutiques.

Gucci’s Grip watches currently run from $1,550 to $2,050. You can purchase them today.


By: Jonathan Sawyer 



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