This Is the Perfect Storage Solution for a Small Watch Collection

Posted by Team Shuppex on


There are about as many ways to store watches are there are watches — you can put them in a safe deposit box; you can keep them in a watch roll; you can keep them in an Otter Box with little pre-cut foam inserts; you can roll them up in spare tube socks; you can wear twelve of them simultaneously so that they’re always on your person and you can effectively keep track of half of the world’s time zones. Some of these methods are more effective than others.

Shinola’s new solution is one of the more elegant ones. Their new Watch Collector’s Box is crafted from oak and has space for four leather cushions to store your prized timepieces, and contains a leather insert on top of the lid for customizing with your initials. It’s available in natural wood color or black, and though it ain’t cheap at $295, it’s a simple and elegant method for keeping your watches organized.




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